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Yin and Yang

In Oriental medicine, all things have two aspects: Yin and Yang.
Yin Yang Theory is the fundamental.

YingYang, Wai Acupuncture, Longwood, Dr Nancy Chau

Sun = Yang; Moon = Yin

Sunshine is associated with Yang - movement, heat, activity, excitement, vigor, beginning, upwardness and outwardness.

Moon is associated with Yin - rest, darkness, inwardness, decrease, tranquility.

All things can be segmented into Yin-Yang: Time can be divided into night and day; temperature into cold and hot; inside and outside; up and down; active and passive. These are all example of Yin-Yang categories.

The front of our bodies is considered yin and back is Yang. When we sleep, we enter into Yin stage; when we awake, we enter into Yang stage.

Yin and Yang are always supporting each other. It balances out each other. Otherwise, it results in disharmony leading to illness. Without proper sleep (Yin), we suffer from headache, irritability next day. Without proper exercises (Yang), we tend to be gaining weight.