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All things have two aspects: Yin and Yang


YIN and YANG MUTUALLY CREATE EACH OTHER: They cannot be separated.  They depend each other for definition.  E.g. One cannot speak of temperature (heat or cold) unless there were defined calibrated measure for us to compare.  Today’s temperature is 85’F and it is warmer than yesterday.  So, today is more “yang” than yesterday. 


YIN and YANG TRANSFORM INTO EACH OTHER:  It applies to our metabolic process.   They are always supporting, repairing and transforming into each other.  This transformation is the source of all change.  E.g. Inhalation is followed by exhalation, activity must be followed by nourishment and activity. etc It is the fundamental leading to proper healthy balance of Yin and Yang. 


All things have two aspects: Yin and Yang, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida