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Our bodies are Gardens

Yin-Yang theory put profound influences to Chinese culture and thoughts and how we interpret health and illness.  Our body is like a garden.  Just a glance from a traditional Chinese painting can help us express the ideas of balance, harmony and spirit of nature.  It is shown as balance of Yin (water, foliage, rocks and trees), Yang (people, wind).  Water being absorbed to feed the plants, plants grow into tree giving out shade.  Withering leaves fall down into soil and decompose into organic matters to recycle.  Streams are being moved by force of waterfalls.  In the same sense, Chinese medicine thinks of each person as a garden or landscape.  When there is balanced, there is health and beauty.  Butterflies will hover and birds will nest.  If the signs are out of balance, e.g. if rocks are in the streams causing obstructions of water flow, then dead puddles of water will form and be infested of mosquitoes and bugs.  So, the Chinese physician looks at a patient in the same way naturalist look at the landscape.  Chinese physician will integrate patient’s color of face, expression of emotions, feel of pulse to figure it out the causes of it and use herbs/acupuncture/food therapy to remedy.


Our bodies are Gardens, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida