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Qi is the Life Force

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the oldest professional practiced medicine in the world. It can be traced back more than 3000 years old. It is used by 1/3 of world’s population.

A fundamental concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine is Qi (pronounced as “chee”) Chinese character writes as “氣 “ It mostly closely translated to “energy”. There are many types of Qi.

Congenital Qi is our genetic constitution, e.g. any hereditary disease runs in families.
Food Qi is the calories, nutrients value from food, eg. Organic food carries good food Qi
Qi from the air we breath, that is fresh oxygen, that is essential for our lives.
Defensive Qi means our immunity to defend pathogens, e.g. some people are sick all the time, they don’t have good defensive Qi.

Qi is the “Life-force” that drives all living things. In our bodies, Qi flows through channels, similar to water flowing in the river. There are twelve primary channels (we called meridians), each meridian is associated with organ system. Any imbalance of excess of deficient amounts of Qi will lead to diseases. Using Acupuncture and herbs can restore this imbalance back to harmony.
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