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Emperor is in charge of our garden

Chinese medicine practitioner views human bodies as garden. In the garden, there is a emperor in charge. That is our “heart”. Putting it into simple terms, our heart (emperor) has capacity to express vitality, energy, consciousness and mind. These characteristics we called, “Shen”. It relates to our capacity to communicate with others, to extend outwards etc. Heart (Emperor) is responsible for thinking and self-insight.

"Heart" is an universal language. We expressed our emotion of love through the shape of heart. On the other hand, when it comes to sadness, we drew “broken heart” - we feel restless, palpitations and can’t fall asleep at night. That explains our “heart” to be disturbed. In Chinese medicine, we treat “heart” for insomnia as it is the root of problem. Acupuncture/herbals effectively calm the “heart”. When the emperor feels calm, the whole garden will be in the state of tranquility.

#NaturalMedicineEmperor is in charge of our garden, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida