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Kidney is the Powerhouse

In Chinese medicine perspective, Kidneys serve many functions in addition to production of urine. One of most important functions is “superpower house”. Thanks to the adrenal gland sitting on the top of both kidneys. Adrenal gland is a specialized organ that saves us from danger. During emergency situation, adrenal glands switch us into “flight and fight” mode in order to pull through danger. However, overwork, stress, nervousness exhausts our energy as we are in flight and fight mode 24/7, causing “adrenal fatigue”. We depend on coffee, caffeine to get through the day. Kidneys are like the powerhouse in the Garden. It helps pumping water underground to feed the garden. If we overdrive this powerhouse without letting it rest, it eventually breaks down. Rest is ultimately important. Acupuncture/Herbals helps to balance out and restore kidney’s health from adrenal fatigue.
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