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Spleen is the fertilizer dispensary

Our bodies are garden. Heart is the emperor, Kidney is the power house. Then, Spleen is the nutrients dispensary, which transport fertilizers to annuals and seeds sown. Spleen, in western medicine terms, it is part of immune system responding for white blood cells production. It is not the same in Chinese Medicine.

In TCM, spleen refers to digestive system. Spleen (paired with Stomach), like dual partnership, is responsible for breakdown of food to assimilate the nutrients to muscles. If the spleen is weak, muscles and limbs are not nourished and become weak and tired. Immunity will become weak too.

We have heard that our digestive system is like “2nd brain” in functional medicine. It is utmost important in our body homeostasis. Eating in a rush manner, eating cold raw foods and processed food weaken our digestive system (hurt spleen). People in the need of weight management, unlike other theories of “flushing the fats” out, TCM practitioner aims to regulate the digestive system. When the spleen is healthy (“happy”), fats eventually will be replaced by muscle. Tonifying spleen can be achieved by herbal/acupuncture and dietary modification.
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