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Lungs are the governor of Qi

Lungs take in air and govern respiration. “The lungs rule Qi” - The lungs take in Air Qi (oxygen) propel it downward to disseminate, and expel impurities (carbon dioxide). When the lungs are healthy, the respiration is even and regular. If there is imbalance within this exchange, cough, asthma may result.

The lungs can be affected by our emotions - grief and sadness. That explains why we sigh more during time of disappointment. Some people even feel very harder to breath in or suffer asthma when they experience high level of stress and discouraged.

Our bodies are like garden. Our lungs are also acting like “canopy” over the garden. This canopy serves to descend and dispense of water vapor over the plants. Also, the lungs are responsible to moisture the skin and hair. That is why TCM practitioner will find any root problem of lung in order to treat chronic dry skin. With acupuncture and herbals to treat lung, it will bring out the radiance of the skin and beauty.

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