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You are not Pincushion

Acupuncture is not a dartboard game. Choosing acupuncture point is not easy task. Acupuncture points are determined by many factors, such as the roots of diseases, patient’s constitution and patient’s preferences. Traditional Chinese Medicine divides human body into 12 major anatomical areas, named as meridians (channels). These sections refer to groups of nerves and muscle. Along these meridians, acupuncture points are located. There are about 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body. To treat the root of disease, practitioner does not need to insert the needles into all points. In fact, TCM practitioner needs to fine-tune the treatment strategies to come up point locations. This process requires vigorous thinking, calculations (yes, similar to algebra), do constant evaluations, then, rethink again. There are no so-called “standard protocols” of needling. Some patients need 2 needling points while some patients may need little bit more. But the overall goal is to initiate the self-healing process of our bodies.

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