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Beloved Coffee

Nobody can resist the fragrant aroma of fresh brewed coffee in the morning. Is it healthy beverage in TCM? Coffee is regarded as bitter, pungent and warm exterior-resolving herbs, and is diaphoretic. Kidney is power-house to govern Yang-Yin balance. Coffee works by transforming Kidney Yin into Yang, which move outward through the body’s various energetic layers to flood the organs with Yang Qi. That is why we experiences increased energy. Excessive coffee intake (more than 1 cup per day) has a negative effect on Kidney’s powerhouse. Spleen Qi is lost and kidney yin and yang are exhausted. Using coffee as an energy boost is not recommended. We need to preserve our precious stored energy (Kidney’s Yin and Yang). Excessive coffee intake (also, energy drink) is like continually withdrawing from savings, that eventually cause bankruptcy to one’s internal economy. It explains why heavy coffee drinking causes significant premature aging, rough skin spots and gray hair.


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