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Conquer Obesity

There is a different perspective to Obesity in the light of Chinese Medicine. Fat is Yin as it is an accumulation of substances. Excessive adipose tissues is the indication of poor Spleen functions (aka Stomach) as fat is dampness. Spleen/Stomach are the principal organs for transportation and transformation of nutrients. If Spleen/Stomach are weak, phlegm (fats) are produced instead of muscles. Hence, Chinese dietary therapy’s approach to the treatment of obesity revolves around improving the digestive physiological functions. At the age of 35, the entire process of digestion begins to decline. Metabolism begins to slow down and if one eats the same foods and does the same exercises, it is common to put on 10 pounds or more. At around the age of 49 (women) or 64 (men), the kidneys (powerhouse of life) begin to decline. Remember that Kidneys are the power-house to supply all the energy (Yang) to digestion. As kidneys produce less warmth; the body’s metabolism slow down even more. The key to Chinese dietary treatment is to keep the fire of digestion as strong and as efficient as possible. Say “No” to cold drinks but drinking warm tea with meals; Not to overeat because it would jam the Qi mechanism of digestion.


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