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Opioid Crisis

A new comprehensive controlled substance bill has been recently passed into Florida law. It will become effective on July 1, 2018. The goal of this bill is to take Opioid Crisis in control.

The law establishes prescribing limits on controlled substances, particularly C-II opioid medications, and expands the use of the Florida Prescription Drug Monitoring Program, a statewide database of controlled substance prescriptions.

For acute pain, the prescription limit for a C-II opioid is three-days, Within the law, acute pain is defined as: “the normal, predicted, physiological, and time-limited response to an adverse chemical, thermal, or mechanical stimulus associated with surgery, trauma, or acute illness.” What are the C-II class ? C-II includes Oxycodon, Hydrocodon, Percocet These pain killers have been commonly used extensively for Low Back pain, Osteoarthritis, post surgical procedures.
Pain is not normal. It is a physiological response from our body, to tell us there are impaired circulations that prevent proper oxygen and nutrients delivery. Pain is a bodily signal to give us a red flag (aka Warning) that something goes wrong. Without looking into the root cause, pain medications are like “bandage” it off. Come to visit a holistic practitioner/acupuncturist for pain management naturally without prescription medications.


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