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Trans Fat is the villain

Trans fat has been causing lots of harm and is toxic to our bodies. Many processed foods, even some that are claimed to be healthy, are loaded with trans-fatty acids (TFAs). Structurally, trans-fatty acids are closer to plastic than fat. Have you ever wondered how a box of crackers has shelf life of a few years? It is because of like plastic, trans-fat is very stable and will not easily rotten. It has been discovered by changing the chemical configuration of oil, we can prevent them from going rancid. This oil can then stay longer without refrigeration. Manufacturers make trans-fat by simply heating the cooking oil under extremely high temperature (over 400 degree F) and adding hydrogen atom to it. This process changes the oil molecules into a shape that disrupt the human body chemistry. Trans-fat damages the body’s ability to properly metabolize cholesterol. High LDL is not caused by butter, cheese, eggs, red meat and margarine. The villain is TFAs. It creates High LDL. TFAs consumption has been linked to heart disease, cancer, creates weight gain, elevated cholesterol levels and lower your metabolism. TFAs also impair the body’s ability to process low-density cholesterol (LDL, bad cholesterol), and eventually causing elevated levels of LDL in the blood.


Trans Fat is the villain, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida