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Soul organs for digestion

Our digestive system is very important along the healing journey. In Chinese medicine, digestion means “to disperse and to transform”. Stomach and spleen works hands in hands to extract nutrients from the ingested food. These nutrients are regarded as Pure substances, to be dispersed to other parts of the body for muscles build up and keep homeostasis. Those impure substances are being dumped out of the body after transformation completed. The stomach and spleen are Yin Yang pair. Stomach is yang and Spleen is yin. All physiological transformations require warm environment. Stomach is like the pot and spleen is like the fire under this pot. Ingested foods and liquids “ripen” within the stomach. Pure and impure part of the foods and liquids are separated. Spleen is responsible to send the pure part of foods up while the stomach sends down the impure parts of food to be further transformed by large intestines. If we drink cold or iced drink with our meals, we are impeding the warm transformation of digestion. Cold negates heat. Coldwater puts out fire. Stomach and spleen fail to transform foods adequately. A sludge tends to accumulate. It is like an incompletely combusting automobile engine. this sludge cause food stagnation or dampness in Chinese medicine.


Soul organs for digestion, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida