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Destress by breathing

Happy Sunday.

Let’s learn a new skill to destress this week by breathing techniques for Stress and Anxiety.

Step 1: Breath in through your nose slowly
Step 2: Breath out though your mouth slowly
Step 3: Suck in your lower abdomen when breathe in
Step 4: Expand your lower abdomen when breathe out.

Whenever your minds start to wonder, focus the mechanism between your breathing and your stomach movements.
The most important part is, FOCUS ON THE SENSATIONS AROUND YOUR SURROUNDINGS INSTEAD OF YOUR THOUGHTS. For example, when you hear some noise coming from the ventilation in your room, listen to the nose. Don’t think that the noise is irritating or annoying. Just focus on the noise while you breathe in and out. After couples of minutes, the noise will fade away. If other sensations come up, for example, the clock may be ticking in your room, instead of letting your mind focus on your subjective thinking, focus on the objective sensations that are received by your body. The ticking sound will go away. Don’t think, try to feel!

Destress by breathing, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida