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Innate Healing Power within us

Our bodies have abilities to heal. Every single cell has inherent, self-recuperative power. This healing intelligence never leaves our bodies. This amazing healing power is formed when a sperm and an egg come together, right at conception moment. Throughout nine months as “womb period”, this healing intelligence develops until a child is born. The healing power will manifest itself, as long as we integrate healthy lifestyles – drug-free, provision of essential building blocks by consuming nutrients-rich diets, and adequate sleep. The most important system inside our bodies is the nervous system. It works like a telecommunications network connecting every cells of our bodies to coordinate metabolism, walking, eating and thinking. Healthy nervous system is the backbone of true health, healing and well-being. Acupuncture is a holistic healing mechanism to modulate the nervous system. It is intended to create a “micro-trauma” using hair like needles to initiate cascades of neuro-stimulation to tell our brains “Hey, something is not right, go find out.” Locations of needling depend on the clinical manifestation, acute or chronic, which organs are out of harmony, etc. It is not a dart board game. Local effects of needling include the release of anti-inflammatory substances such as NGF (nerve growth factors), white blood cells, anti-histamine etc. The needling stimulation also stimulates our brains to release natural opioid substances to stop the pain. Acupuncture is an effective and safe modality to restore our health back to optimal functioning without complications.


Innate Healing Power within us, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida