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Pills Culture

Why Americans are taking so many drugs? Thanks to the pharmaceutical marketing. Drug companies brain-wash us that, when we are getting sick, our first nature is to take a pill to fix it all. When someone is sick, doctor prescribes a drug immediately. When someone is in pain, the doctor instantly thinks of surgery. Count how many pharmaceutical advertisements in TV per hour at evening. Drug companies not only brain-wash us, but also teach us how to manipulate our doctors in commercial. “Ask your doctor about….”, with camera shots of how happy people enjoy their companies, how the grandma/grandpa enjoy playing with their grandkids, etc. Drug companies in US spend billions and billions of dollars to promote prescription drugs. It is a “disease and sick care” system. We want natural cures. Our bodies have miraculous ability to heal. Pills are just chemical masking symptoms. Drugs never get to the cause of the problem. Drug make you feel comfortable but alter body chemistry in a subtle way. Simple equation - put any chemical in your body, it causes damages. If your body can’t heal the damages, you accumulate the damages. As you allow more damages over a long period of time, it is called disease. Hence, prevention is the only way to cure for any disease. Acupuncture, botanical herbals are the natural and effective way to get well. It may take little time but very safe, gentle and nontoxic. If we focus primarily on prevention of disease by taking steps to get “adequate rest, organic food, clean water, sunshine, fresh air, let-go-toxic emotions”, then it is a real “health care” system.


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