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Importance of Exercising

Many people underestimate the benefits of regular exercise. They defend by saying that they are too busy, or too tired to exercise. Some people even explain that they are not obese, so they don’t need much exercises to lose weight. Exercising allows us to breathe deeply. We have hundred trillion cells in our body. By feeding our cells with fresh ample amount of oxygen, it helps our bodies to defend against cancer and other degenerative disease. Therefore, to achieve optimal health and well-being, we must exercise.

Moving our bodies are essential for the health of the nervous system too. Nowadays, many office jobs require long-time sitting operating in front of keyboards. Sitting all day is bad for your spine. Exercising not only feeds our bodies with oxygen, but also train our cerebellum to fine-tune our capacity to balance our gaits. That explains why those people lacking exercises are prone to lose balance resulting in frequent falls. Cerebellum is the part of brain the controls coordination, posture, movement, intelligence and memory. The cerebellum also coordinates all those functions to maximize attention span and focus. During exercising, the mechanical movement stimulates cerebellum, which in turn, cerebellum takes the message it receives and fires into various areas of the brain such as amygdala (stress and anxiety area) or hippocampus (memory center) or hypothalamus (hormonal control system). Therefore, through exercises, stress and anxiety are reduced, short/long term memory are improved. At the other end of spectrum, our brains produce good messages that are sent back down to our spinal cords, through the spinal nerves to all organs, it delivers a greater level of health, energy and vitality. Another common excuse for not exercising is that they don’t have the “energy”. As matter of fact, exercise generates energy. Exercise gets in more oxygen, it produces positive neurological in put in our brains. Living a sedentary lifestyle weakens immune system, locks up our spines causing muscle degeneration and chronic inflammation, who wants that?


Importance of Exercising, Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida