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Acupuncture is physical medicine

Wai Acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

Sometimes, your stresses can lighten up in odd, or humorous, yet fascinating ways.
Acupuncture works by using ancient Chinese magic. Just kidding! It is not powered by the supernatural, but rather the 5000 year old practice of Acupuncture has been put to the test by modern science. In recent times, the effects of acupuncture has been analyzed in quantitative measurements in a research lab or a functional MRI scan on the brain. A series of blood samples were withdrawn from participating patients before and after acupuncture treatments. Results turned out that the anti-inflammatory index in the blood samples were increased after acupuncture.

For patients who complained about symptoms of anxiety, their MRI scans on the brain shows improvement in the region that controls of the feeling of calmness. Results yielded evidence that acupuncture helped increase the concentration of dopamine after the treatment. Since the needles themselves are just plain stainless steel, the stimulation of a designated point proves that our bodies have ability to heal by itself without the introduction of foreign substances or prescription medication.

Yesterday, one of my patients came into the clinic asking the reason why holistic medicine takes time. She is a gardener. As a gardener myself, I explained to her that if a plant’s leaves start to wither, we can’t plant a “magic fertilizer” into the soil and expect the withering yellow leaves to turn healthy green overnight. Of course, we are not plants and we are definitely more complicated than them. Yet just like us, plants can suffer from malnutrition, environmental factors and problems from underlying root causes. Studying the root cause is the spirt of Chinese Medicine and by fixing that root cause will have the rest of your healing journey fall right into place.

Chinese Medicine is Holistic medicine. Strictly speaking, It is not just “medicine”. It affects our behavior and teaches us to live a “Zen” lifestyle. It implies how to live in harmony and joy with nature, animals, and the people around us.