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Advanced Community Acupuncture

Community Acupuncture is designed to lower the operating cost of an acupuncture clinic by having patients share a common space. The savings are passed to the patients through lowered cost of operation. The clinic is sustained by a large volume of patients.

Community acupuncture is suitable for generally healthy patients and new comers as an entry point. For new patients, a very brief interview is followed by insertion of needles. Existing patients may just start with needling. Since patients will be laying on recliners, needles location can be restrictive.  Patients will then rest for 30-45 minutes and the session will be complete. Due to the volume required to sustain the clinic, it will be difficult for the practitioner to give lots of attentions to a single patient. This model of operation is appropriate for tune-up, health maintenance, relaxation, minor pain, etc.

Dr Nancy Chau | Wai Acupuncture Integrative Chinese Medicine of Longwood, Florida | Community Acupuncture of Longwood

Since Oct 2018, we upgraded our community acupuncture to Advanced Community Acupuncture.  It includes Basic Herbal Consultation (herbal formula extra), light discussion (e.g. advice such as life style and diet adjustment). We strongly believe our clients receive excellent value from this new model.

For deeper, chronic or special health issues, our AcuMatrix is applied to rotate patients between Full Service (Level 3), Semi Full Service (Level2) and Advanced Community Acupuncture(Level 1) based on their clinical course. This allows our clients to maximize their health and minimize their cost.

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