Chinese and Herbal Medicine FAQ

Chinese medicine and Western medicine are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. Chinese medicine is not just about “taking medicine,” but it is also about positive changes in lifestyle. It’s like when there is a house fire. Firefighters (Western medicine) come to extinguish the flames, and the engineers (Chinese medicine) come to rebuild and prevent more incidents.

As a professional trained in both Chinese and Western medicine, I can bridge Chinese and Western medicine in a way that you can understand.

What is Chinese medicine?

Chinese medicine is a branch of Chinese culture going back at least 3000 years. In Chinese medicine, being healthy doesn’t just mean “being free of illness,” it means being able to live at your fullest. When I was a girl, I did not like Chinese medicine at all because herbal medicines were bitter and not as fast-acting as western medicine. However, as I grew up and became an RN I saw patients suffering from the side effects of western medicine. I believe an integrated approach is the only way to boost health and remediation of illness.

Personally, I prefer to call Chinese medicine “herbs” instead. Herbs are the natural remedies that the Chinese have been using for thousands of years to improve their health. Surveys show that more than half of Americans use herbal supplements!

Is acupuncture alone enough to heal me?

Not always. It depends on the patient’s constitution and the disease prognosis. Chinese herbal is another huge portion of Chinese Medicine. Most of the time, herbal is required in the healing process. Doing acupuncture is like using a match to start a campfire, while herbal is like the wood that keeps the fire strong.  A typical example is infertility patients are usually being treated with both acupuncture and herbal formula.

What do I need to pay attention to while I am taking herbals and acupuncture treatments?

Have plenty of rest and a lot of clean water. Exercises in moderation, eat good quality of food with different colors. Meditate is also beneficial.

I heard that many prescription drugs are derived from herbal.  Is it true ?

Yes. Some common examples are Artemisinin, Digoxin and Tamiflu. Artemisinin is an anti-malaria drug derived from the Chinese herb, Qing Hao. Digoxin is widely used drug for heart failure. It is a natural molecule occurring in the foxglove herb. Tamiflu is an anti-viral drug which is compounded from a Chinese spice called star anise.

Can I only take one herb instead of combinations?

Chinese herbs are very rarely used individually. Herbs are used in herbal formulas, where multiple herbs are combined to boost effectiveness and to address several ailments simultaneously.

What form of the herbal formula is used?

There are many forms of herbal formulas in the market such as teas, tablets or pills. Most of the formulas in our pharmacy are in form of pills, that people find very convenient to carry while at work.

How do I take the herbal formula?

It is suggested to take the herbal formula with lukewarm water or tea. Do not take liquor or energy drink with the formula.

Do you have your own pharmacy?

Yes, we have an herbal pharmacy that can treat a wide range of conditions.

How long do I need to take the herbs?

The duration depends on the diagnosis, severity of diseases and individual constitution.

Are all Chinese medicines bitter?

Not always. It depends on the nature, dose and the combination of herbals. Some are even amazingly sweet. Since our pharmacy dispenses capsules/pills, you won’t taste the medicine.

Are your patented Chinese medicine 100% natural?

Yes. The Herbal pharmacy we are using is a distributor of high quality Chinese herbs. The herbs are guaranteed to be unaltered and free of heavy metals. They are manufactured in the US under strict quality standards.

Is there anything that Chinese medicine can’t help?

The focus of Chinese medicine is how to live well alongside nature, not against nature. There is no Chinese herbal formula to replace sleep and good quality, natural food. It cannot reverse your biological clock, but it can slow down aging. Chinese medicine is complementary to Western medicine.

Chinese medicine is like a beautiful tapestry. How so?

Chinese medicine is all about how to harmonize our bodies with nature and to restore bodily imbalances. Imagine a fresh crystal-clear river flowing down a hill without obstruction, flower buds sprouting along the riverbed, butterflies fluttering and birds chirping. “Life” will be seen everywhere. On the other hand, if someone dumps garbage into the riverbed to deter the flow of river, the curvature of river edges are twisted -- making pocket of stagnant and stingy water, which attracts mosquitoes. Chinese medicine is like a “nature architect”, removing the imbalances (garbage) to restore harmony.

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