Tibetan Medicinal Foot Soak Therapy

"When a tree dies, it is the roots that die first; when a person ages, it is the feet that age first." - Ancient Chinese Proverb

In the perspective of Chinese medicine, our feet represent our security, foundation and inner strength. Physically, our feet can carry the weight of our whole bodies. Each foot has at least 7,000 nerve endings, 19 muscles, 107 ligaments, and 26 bones (1/4 of all bones in the body).

When it comes to attention and care for our bodies, many people give little care and attention to their feet. Still, all it takes is an irritation on the toe to discomfort the whole body.

What is the Tibetan Medicinal Foot Soak Therapy?

Traditional Tibetan Foot soak therapy was passed from generation to generations for many years. It is a natural therapy and has the reputation of “green therapy.” People started using foot soak therapy to treat disease for about three thousand (3000) years ago, in the Yin-Shang period.

Most people think of a foot bath as a superficial treatment, but this technique is a powerful medicine. The key is to treat the condition properly with the correct medicinal herbs and high water temperature.

What can the herbal foot soaks help?

Foot Soak | Wai Acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

We are proud to present three Tibetan Medicinal Foot soak formulas. Each formula is tailored made by specialized herbalists to help out in three categories. Please refer to your bag for the list of ingredients.

Solax – Helps relieve cold feet and hands, pain & inflammation; anti-bacterial, anti-Fungal, & anti-parasitic; digestive issues; improves skin condition; promotes blood circulation.

PodiBalance – Relieves stress and anxiety, headache & migraine, hormonal imbalances & PMS, digestive issues; promotes circulation; improves sleep.

DetoxWorks - Helps relieve pain & inflammation, low back pain, stress & anxiety; improves blood circulation; treats diabetic neuropathy & rheumatoid arthritis.

Why the herbs are so special in these foot soaks?

We use herbs that are extracted from local, Tibetan-sourced medical plants. Some of the Earth’s most powerful medicinal herbs are from some of the harshest environments. From the snow-covered fields high in Tibet, we have found rare plants and Tibetan formulas that can be used to create a powerful medicinal foot soak.

What is the mechanism of herbal foot soak therapy?

The key to foot soaks is the absorption of healing herbs, and heat treatment. The herbal solution moves from the feet to the entire body along acupuncture channels and collaterals, which is capable of eliminating pathogenic influence. It balances Yin and Yang, as the blood circulating herbs become absorbed. Tibetan foot soaks can, detoxify, tonify, and diminish inflammation & refresh the body. The blood circulating effects of the herbs makes use of the heat in the basin, and the healing aspect of the herbs propagates deep level change on cells. This can regulate the nervous system, accelerate blood circulation and improve immunity.

Some lifestyles situations need to be avoided

- Do not walk barefoot on cold floors. Drying feet immediately, followed by wearing warm socks is recommended.

- Do not go to bed with wet hair. Dry hair thoroughly after showering.

- Do not stay in cold, damp environments. Keep feet, knees and body warm.

- Stress taxes the body creating pain and inflammation. Find a way to de-stress and relax.

Do not use if:

Pregnant; have metastatic cancer, preexisting foot ulcers, currently taking blood thinner or extremely hungry (eat snacks beforehand).

For chronic conditions, it is important to keep to a schedule. One treatment won’t fix the problem. Regular foot baths in conjunction with a routine that includes supplementary acupuncture and herbs, rest, dietary changes and exercises work best. It is advised that you use this routine with the advice of a qualified healthcare practitioner.


Temperature: 100-113°F. Tap water can be used. You may want to use a thermometer and add hot water every 10 mins.

Water basin: Use a basin that covers the ankles. Wooden buckets are excellent. Avoid bronze or iron because it may react with herbs chemically.

Time: 20-30 mins for general health. Chronic pain, hypertension, hormonal balances may require up to 45 mins.

Environment: Comfortable chair. Breathe deeply and relax. This is a good time for meditation.

To yield maximum benefits, you may want to invest in an electrical foot spa (with massager) with temperature control from Amazon.

Foot Soak | Wai Acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

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