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Immunity Boost Service

Natural remedy to fight Covid-19

In the midst of Covid-19 crisis, we are becoming more aware of the new definition of health: “Health is Your New Wealth”. 

Our community is wary of staying healthy and keeping hygiene and prevention practices routine, such as general sanitation guidelines, hand hygiene as well as adequate rest and nutritious diets.

What our community should be aware of is that Eastern medicine has emphasis on prevention of illnesses and diseases. Benjamin Franklin once quoted: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  Despite Franklin’s quote was referring to fire-safety and not health, the saying can be applied to the health aspect of our lives as optimizing our immunity will do us good for our wellness in the long run. By boosting our immunity, our bodies in return will help prevent from us getting sick.

Boost immunity to fight Covid-19

Despite being strengthened by modern research, acupuncture is historically known to promote immunity.  The insertion of needles on a designated point will trigger the body to release interleukin, which regulates cell growth and stimulates immune responses.

Immunity aside, another overlooked illness we all encounter is stress, the No.1 silent killer today. The effects of stress on our wellbeing can significantly reduce our immunity which leads our health to drastically worsen. With the new precautions we take while outside, additional stress by social distancing, going shopping, or taking care of any outdoor errands can further toll our health.

However, that does not mean we cannot fight back and thrive with the stress of this new lifestyle! As a counterattack for such a silent but deadly epidemic, acupuncture is a well-known practice to aid the reduce stress.

Wai Acupuncture is proud to offer the Immunity Package. Based on the principles of holistic and natural healing, the herbals formula in our package is gentle yet effective.  The power of herbs that Nature provides us is a natural work remedy for prevention.

(Notice: If you already developed signs/symptoms of fever, common cold, flu, running nose or any respiratory illness, please refrain from taking the herbal formula and consult your healthcare provider.)

Boost immunity to fight Covid-19

Boost immunity to fight Covid-19 | Wai Acupuncture

Our Immunity Package includes:

* One session of Acupuncture, followed by Auriculotherapy
* One dose of B12 injection
* One bottle of oral herbal granules (take 2 spoonfuls each morning, with a volume of a 7-day supply)
* Each new client will receive one sachet of raw herbs. It is a natural herbal inhaler (not for consumption) – it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps clearing up stuffy nose and soothe itchy throat.

Boost immunity to fight Covid-19 | Wai Acupuncture


Auriculotherapy is system of acupuncture points on the ear.  There are specific areas of external ear that are associated with pathology in specific parts of the body.By stimulating designated points on the ear, the corresponding organs will be responded to bring homeostasis.

Boost immunity to fight Covid-19 | Wai Acupuncture

B12 Injection (Methylcobalamine)

B12 are B-Vitamins that improves energy, reduce oxidative stress, improves sleep and memories, increase production of red blood cells.

Herbal formula boost immunity to fight Covid-19 | Wai Acupuncture

Daily Herbal Granules for consumption

This Chinese herbal formula is effective to increase our immunity against pathogens. In Chinese medicine perspective, it boosts Qi, the vital energy for protection and immunity. The herbal granules contain 3 different herbs: Huang Qi, Bai Zhu, Fang Feng.

Huang Qi: Also known as Astragalus. It is an important herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Contains immune-boosting, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties.
Bai Zhu: It is also called “White Atractylodes Rhizome”. This herb tonifies Qi and helps to regulate water metabolism along with improving digestive function.
Fang Feng: Another name is Siler Root. This herb aids with the prevention of cold and enhances the body to fight against airborne pathogens.

These three herbals powders are tasteless. It can be taken by mixing it with warm water in the morning with your coffee or tea. Take 2 spoonful doses every day in the morning.


Herbs for boosting immunity | Wai Acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

It has six herbals for anti-inflammatory properties - Cang Zhu; Qiang Huo; Xi Xin; Wu Zhu Yu; Da Huang and Chai Hu

Immunity Package - Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

Nancy Chau offers Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine offers safe, effective Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

immunity herbal | wai-acupuncture | dr Nancy chau

immunity herbal | wai-acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

immunity herbals | wai-acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

immunity herbal | wai-acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

immunity herbal | wai-acupuncture | Dr Nancy Chau

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