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Oct 2020:

We have begun rolling out Frequency Specific Microcurrent.  FSM is a system of treatment using micro-amperage current and the resonance effect of frequencies on tissue and conditions to reduce symptoms and improve health.  We found many cases typically not getting results from acupuncture now having a breakthrough and remarkable improvement with FSM.

May 2020:

Here in Wai Acupuncture, our clients are our highest priority. We follow CDC guidelines with routine screening and frequent disinfection. We also wear face masks for your protection. To maintain social distancing, we have turned off online booking and require everyone to call, email or text for appointments. This is to ensure our clinic will not be overcrowded at this COVID-19 times.

Let us also share a little bit of exciting news here. We are working very hard to roll out new modalities. We will be offering a new immunity focused package very soon. Some experts are telling us the Corona virus is not going to go away. The best weapon against it is to have an excellent immunity system. Another exciting service is Microcurrent Needleless Acupuncture (MEA). It is a good choice for those who are not totally comfortable of needles. This technique can be used alone as well as in conjunction with regular acupuncture and other modalities. We found combining MEA with regular acupuncture yields the best effect. Their therapeutic mechanics are different and compliment each other.

As far as online booking is concerned, we will leave it turned off for now. We understand some of you are used to scheduling yourself through Schedulicity. However, we feel it is best to have it off until COVID-19 situation is getting better. We will also be moving to another system that is designed for clinic like us. The new system provides online booking too. At this time, we are working out the “bugs” for the new system. We will activate the new online booking when the time is right.

We heard people saying “Health is Your New Wealth !” Stay healthy, stay safe !

Dec 2019: (discontinued)

Our service model always evolve around our customers.  The majority of our customers desire a more attentive, personal and customized service.  Therefore, we have re-aligned our model to provide three levels of service for various needs.  As a result, we no longer provide community acupuncture as most of our clients desire a higher level of service then what community acupuncture can provide.  The new levels of service with AcuMatrix concept greatly enhance our clients' outcome and experience.

Nov 2019:

According to United Healthcare Optum, they will be taking over from Triwest as the payer for VA.  In order to align with this change, Wai Acupuncture proactively working with Optum and has been approved as Optum VA CCN provider.

June 2019:

We are glad to announce our in-network PC3 provider status with VA.  We are honor to serve our nation's Veterans !  Please reach out to your local VAMC Comunity Care office for acupuncture approval.  Visit the VA page or call us for more information.

January 2019:

We are now in-network provider with United Health Care, Cigna for acupuncture.  Please go to our Insurance link for your insurance verification.

Since the roll-out of Neuroscience Acupuncture in Oct 2018, we have received a lot of positive feedback about this specialty treatment.  In just over three months, we have increased from one NeuroPuncture station to four stations in response to clients demand.  Most treatments can be performed in a Level 2 service setting therefore saving cost.  This highly effective treatment has become our flagship offer and is favored by many clients.

We have three major level of services - Level 1, 2 and 3.  Therefore, we can provide care for a wide range of patients. (These levels have been phased out since 2020 August)


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