Coming up Oct 2018:

Wai Acupuncture will start providing “Hybrid Integrative” service in October 2018.  Full service will be added to our practice.  This allows us to perform many other modalities (Eastern & Western) which would otherwise be impossible in a community acupuncture setting.  This serves to enhance the healing process especially for chronic cases.  AcuMatrix is the model we developed for our Hybrid service.  Learn More >

Cosmetic Acupuncture will be introduced as a specialty service.  Clients will receive a course of treatments with many modalities designed to enhance their beauty.  Apart from better skin and younger look, the client's health as a whole, will be improved as a side benefit from the treatment. Learn More >

Weight Loss Program and Infertility Program will become specialty and redesigned to take advantage of the new modalities available from Full Service to enhance result.

We will upgrade our community acupuncture to Advanced Community Acupuncture. Community acupuncture typically involves only the insertion of needles.  Besides needling, we are going to include Basic Herbal Consultation, Auricular Therapy, Diet and Lifestyle advice (where applicable) in Advanced Community Acupuncture.  We believe this can help the majority of generally healthy clients to achieve better results.  Learn More >

We believe modern medical science plays an important role therefore we are introducing many Western modalities into our practice.  Please visit our Specialty Services section for more information.

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