Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, flexible needles, inserted into specific points on the body to activate the body's own healing powers. Learn More >

Chinese Herbal Formulas

Chinese herbology is a powerful system that uses natural medicinals to treat numerous common complaints. Learn More >

Auricular Therapy

Points on the ear being stimulated by needles or pressure with a tiny seed to treat or prevent disease.  Learn More >


Cups placed onto the skin by way of either heat or suction to move the energy, or 'qi', in the body.  Learn More >


Burning dried mugwort onto particular points on the body to warm regions and meridian points with the intention of stimulating circulation through the points and inducing a smoother flow of blood and Qi.  Learn More >

Gua Sha

A Gua Sha tool is used with oil as a lubrication medium to strokes the skin in a downward motion until the petechia form.  Learn More >


Tiny current applies to a pair of acupuncture needles for enhanced effect.  Learn More >

TDP Mineral Heat Lamp Therapy

A special heat lamp emits Infra-Red light that penetrates up to 3.5" deep under the skin.  Learn More >

Foot Soak Therapy

Special herbal formula is to be absorbed topically through foot bath.  Learn More >

Alternative to Western Medicine, Cosmetic Surgery or Facelift | Dr Nancy Chau | Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine of Longwood, Florida

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