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Testimonials - Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida 

Hand injury caused by oil spill

“A few days after burning my hand fairly badly with hot frying oil, I turned to this clinic, in an attempt to prevent blistering, scarring, and potential problems with nerves and tendons. I was seen twice. It is now two weeks after the first appointment. I have full use of the hand, and it is neither blistered, nor scarred. Wai Acupuncture, who worked on my hand, impressed me greatly. I believe that they are committed to optimal outcomes, and practice with a high degree of integrity. If you want pounds of paperwork to fill out, eleven seconds of face time and no healing, go to an orthodox medical box. If you truly desire to heal something, via a range of solutions from herbs to advanced electro-medicine, go to this clinic. These folks are the real deal." J.C.

Nancy Chau offers Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

Right Ankle Pain

“When I came to Wai Acupuncture, I was in severe pain in my right ankle. I had been dealing with pain for nine months. I was on a lot of pain medicine. I was not in good health. Dr Nancy is very attentive to my needs and ease out the pain by acupuncture.” – Diana W.


“For a decade I had bad migraines that last for days. It was a nightmare. I came to do weekly acupuncture, eventually I was off Premarin. With Chinese herbal extracts and acupuncture, I haven’t had a single migraine now.” – Valerie B


“I was sick for two weeks, exhausted and taking antibiotics did not change things. I gave acupuncture a try. With Chinese herbal medicine, It keep up my strength and I don’t get sick.” – Laura W.

Post Partum depression

“After my first child I had post-partum depression and sick all the time. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs relieved my depression, restored my appetite. Dr Nancy helped me to get physically fit enough ready to have second child” – Angie K


“ I was on cocktail of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs for years until I began acupuncture and herbals to stabilize my dosage. After three months of weekly acupuncture, I am now free of three very addictive medications, which were prescribed by my psychiatrists. I am so hapy to feel back in control of my life again.” Kevin C

No more scripts

“I took western medicines years, my wife was joking that I looked like taking M&M candies each day. Dr Nancy empowered me back to think of, Hm. Who is taking charge of my body? That is “ME!”. I went to receive weekly acupuncture with herbal medicines. Food therapy successfully helped me getting off Statins and blood pressure pills. Now, I feel I am a new person again.” – John L.

Testimonials - Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine

Wai Acupuncture Longwood FL

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