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How many treatments should I get ?

Many patients have asked us: “How many treatments should I get?” To answer this question, we must first understand that Acupuncture is a holistic treatment. 

Natural healing is a journey that varies for each individual as some may need more treatments and procedures than others who require less. 

To put this into another analogy:  If an orange tree is to bear sweeter oranges, the gardener of the orange grove would start to improve the soil’s pH, instill fertilizers, etc. for about 6 to 8 months before the tree bears sweet oranges. This will take time and patience, which works alongside environmental variables like good weather conditions, and other factors for the oranges to be ready for harvest. They certainly could not done this overnight!

Wai Acupuncture Longwood FL 32779

We are more complicated and more valuable than orange trees

Of course, we are not orange trees, yet our bodies need time and patience to nurture, heal and grow in a similar way. Our mission is to help you identify the obstacles that prevents you from reaching your optimum health with the use of acupuncture to initiate the healing process. 

Other environmental factors to highlight for your healing journey are a nutritious and healthy diet, plenty of rest, and balanced sleep and exercise routines. These are all vital to your overall health that powerfully harmonizes with acupuncture treatments. 

Our bodies are amazingly complex, equipped with magnificent self-healing power.  However, for those people with chronic diseases, e.g. Hypertension and Diabetics, may need more time.

As a General Rule, Here is The Treatment Plan

Acupuncture healing needs to pick up momentum to work efficiently. For example: In order to develop a good muscle mass, you may need to go to the gym multiple times per week and stick to the routine. 

In the same perspective, acupuncture sessions are needed 2 times per week for 3 weeks as a start-up for creating a momentum.  If you are feeling more than 60% better after 3 weeks, your treatment session may be spaced out to once a week. 

As scientific evidence explains:  Natural endorphins will be compounded up much more faster than just 1 treatment per week.

Wai Acupuncture Longwood FL 32779

Treatment Phases:  Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1:  By coming 2 times a week for 3 weeks is Phase 1.  During this phase, there will be a substantial increase of the following natural healing substances from your body: Endorphins, Nerve Growth Factor, CGRP etc. are exponentially produced by acupuncture. This phase is called "Corrective Treatment". 

If you have more chronic issues (e.g. pain for more than 1 year etc. with underlying high inflammation index), you may need to repeat Phase 1 one more time. We will constantly evaluate your response to the treatments and adjust accordingly.

Phase 2: Once you have feel better by at least 60-80% by finishing Phase 1,  then treatment sessions will be spaced out once a week for approximately 6 weeks.

Once you reach 95 % better, you may just come for treatment 1-2 treatments per month.  This phase is called "Stabilization treatment".  Some of our patients have graduated just to come 1 treatment per 6 week for maintenance.

Wai Acupuncture Longwood FL 32779

How many treatments should I get ? - Wai Acupuncture & Integrative Chinese Medicine in Longwood, Florida

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