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Initial Consultation - Free Session

All prospective patients are required to have a 20 minutes one-on-one initial consultation session.  This is to ensure that you are a good candidate for treatment, and that a working relationship between patient and clinician can be established.

Because every patient is unique, we simply cannot quote price over the phone (no exception).  Our treatments are customized individually based on the medical conditions and needs.  The pricing will be discussed after we review your medical situation.

You will be receiving a lot of information from the session and be sent home afterwards. You are considering an alternative healing journey so we do not want you to make a spontaneous decision. We would like you to review all the information discussed in the session. Once you have taken the time to consider and able to make the commitment, contact us and we will schedule the first treatment appointment.

Important items to remember:-

  • This may be the most important appointment in your healing journey.
  • There is a difference in philosophy between Eastern and Western medicine.
  • If you are only familiar with conventional Western medicine, your experience with this journey can be quite different.
  • Natural healing is a subtle process and may take some time. Therefore, commitment, adherence and patience are essential.
  • Not all practitioners in Western medicine are supportive to Oriental Medicine. You are advised to do your own research and make your decision.

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